Will My Credit History Keep Me from Buying a Quality Used Car? Not at Car Credit!

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Will my credit history keep me from buying a quality used car?” Well, at Car Credit, the answer is NO! Our credit approval process will not penalize you for having a low credit score. Our unique, in-house credit approval process can help you buy a quality used car. Read […]

By Elaine Barrett

Car Credit Has a New Website | Get Credit Pre-Approval Online In 5 Minutes

At Car Credit, we recently had a new website built by the web development team at Zimmer Marketing. Our new website is fast, easy to use, and designed to help us serve you better. Come take a look!Our old Car Credit website was inconvenient to upload content to and didn’t display well on mobile devices. It was […]

By Rick Griffith

6 Ways We Remodeled Car Credit

At Car Credit, we’ve been busy making updates to our dealership. From new furniture to painting, things look nice around here. Read this blog to see what’s changed, or stop by for a tour. We’ll be happy to show you around Car Credit. 1. New FurnitureOur recent remodel at Car Credit brought in new, more comfortable […]

By Kathy Griffith

Car Credit is Working to Bolster Used Car Inventory

Have you been looking for a quality used car recently? The chances are that if you have been trying to purchase a used vehicle, you’ve noticed that prices have been abnormally high. And no, it’s all not in your head. Shortages in new cars being manufactured have caused more people planning to buy new to turn […]

By Elaine Barrett

Car Credit is Remodeling!

At Car Credit, we’re busy remodeling. We sat down and asked ourselves what kind of experience we would want as a customer at Car Credit, and we reached the conclusion that it’s time for some updates. We’re so excited for you all to see it soon!What You Can ExpectThere will be quite a few changes […]

By Elaine Barrett

Crystal Peterson is Joining the Car Credit Team

We’re so pleased to announce that Crystal Peterson will be rejoining the Car Credit team. Crystal is a model of excellent customer service, and we are thrilled to have her back after a 5-year break. If you’d like to talk with Crystal about a new vehicle from Car Credit, you can contact us here.Get to Know […]

By Craig Blotter