How the Partnership Between Car Credit and TaxMax is Revolutionizing the Car Buying Process

How The Partnership Between Car Credit And Taxmax Is Revolutionizing The Car Buying Process

Posted on January 22, 2024 by Rick Griffith

Welcome to the best resource guide for the 2024 tax season! Today, we’ll guide you through learning about how the partnership between Car Credit and TaxMax is revolutionizing the car buying process through a unique service offering that simplifies getting your taxes done and having your refund sent to Car Credit for partial use toward a down payment.

TaxMax is a leading online tax prep service provider, allowing individuals to access their tax refunds early for various purposes, including purchasing a vehicle. The service can be particularly beneficial for those needing immediate funds to secure a car or cover other expenses related to a car purchase.

On the other hand, Car Credit specializes in extending the financial means as a buy here pays here dealership, also known as a BHPH dealership, that tailors a financial plan for car buyers with less-than-perfect credit. They understand not everyone has a perfect credit score and that life circumstances can impact everyone’s finances.

By exploring the services offered under this partnership, you’ll gain valuable insight into how these companies can assist you throughout your car-buying journey. Whether accessing your tax refund early or securing financing options that align with your circumstances, both companies aim to simplify and streamline the often complex car purchasing process.

In today’s blog, we’ll explore each company’s unique contribution to help you make informed decisions about using your tax refund to buy a car.

Car Buying Power

Finding suitable financing options can often be challenging when purchasing a car. That’s where TaxMax and Car Credit have come together as partners to offer an innovative service offering that benefits car buyers with less-than-perfect credit. These two organizations have made the car-buying process easier and more accessible.

One of the key advantages of using TaxMax is the ability to use your tax refund as a down payment for your new vehicle. That means you can immediately put it towards your car purchase instead of waiting months for your refund. Helping you take possession of the car you want sooner allows you to take advantage of potential deals or limited-time offers.

At the same time, Car Credit provides its customers with flexible repayment options tailored to their financial situation. As the premier locally-owned and operated BHPH dealership in Joplin, Missouri, you can now select to have your tax refund sent to Car Credit if you use TaxMax to process your 2023 taxes electronically this year.

Although Car Credit won’t take your entire refund, they’ll apply a portion of your refund toward your used car purchase. Then, they’ll work with you to tailor an affordable payment plan that suits your budget.

By combining these two services, car buyers can experience a seamless and stress-free process from start to finish. With TaxMax’s unique approach to utilizing tax refunds as down payments and Car Credit’s commitment to finding flexible repayment options, purchasing a car has never been more convenient.

Say goodbye to lengthy waits for tax refunds and complicated financing applications. With TaxMax and Car Credit, you can enjoy an easy car-buying experience. Don’t let financial barriers hold you back from owning the car of your dreams—get started today by allowing TaxMax to prepare your 2023 taxes.

How Does It Work:

  1. Complete your taxes online using the TaxMax link—Get Started—provided on Car Credit’s website.
  2. Once you’ve completed and submitted your taxes, you’ll select to have your refund sent to Car Credit, where you’ll pick it up!
  3. Car Credit will contact you to begin discussing your financial situation, the cars you like, and what they have in stock.
  4. Don’t worry- Car Credit isn’t going to take your refund! After deducting the down payment amount, they can issue you a check or a debit card and discuss setting up a successful repayment plan to help you rebuild your credit.
  5. Afterward, you get to drive off in a new, used car with the remainder of your tax refund in your wallet.

Used-Car Buying Solutions

As the principal BHPH dealership for the four-state region of southwest Missouri, Car Credit is headquartered in Joplin. They extend loans directly to borrowers using an in-house approval process.

If you decide not to use Car Credit’s File and Drive, their customer service team is happy to still work with you to get you into a car you can afford. Start by looking through their extensive selection of cars and SUVs, then complete their online credit application!

REMEMBER! Car Credit WILL NOT take your entire tax refund, so you can use it toward something else you also had planned!

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