Multi-Point Vehicle Inspections with Every Family in Mind

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspections with Every Family in Mindfeatured image

Posted on May 10, 2022 by Rick Griffith

April marked Car Care month, but you should expect every used car dealership to make that their priority when it comes to car care. They should run a multi-point vehicle inspection on every vehicle they sell. 

After all, the continued shortages of new cars and microchips for onboard computers place higher standards of care on used car dealerships. With no recovery to the supply chain in the foreseeable future, car buyers should know that used car dealers care about the lives of their customers.

Car Credit’s Multi-point Inspection

Here at Car Credit, we place a high standard of quality care into each vehicle we sell. We’ve partnered with certified repair facilities locally to inspect and recondition every vehicle on our lot.

If a car doesn’t pass our quality standards of care, it will not be offered for sale by our dealership. Part of our commitment to ensuring we inspect, assess, and approve all quality and safety standards as a benchmark for all drivers and their families.

Car Credit Multi-Point Inspection Checklist

At each of our partnering mechanic facilities, they follow our list of bumper-to-bumper multi-point inspection items before contacting us with any reconditioning.

We require our certified mechanic partners to complete the following on every vehicle.


Brake pads get checked to make sure they are within usage limits. Rotors get inspected for excessive wear and warping. Break seals and fluid levels are examed for leaks.


Tire tread depth gets inspected to ensure proper handling. Tire wear gets assessed for alignment issues. Ball joints are evaluated for vibration, impacting vehicle handling, and performance response.


Everything related to suspension, like tie rods, sway bars, shocks, springs, bushings, and struts, is inspected for pulling left or right in a vehicle’s performance and handling.

Coolant System

Everything from the radiator, thermostat, radiator cap, coolant level, water pump, and coolant circulation gets checked for proper pressure to ensure ideal operating conditions. The assurance of a properly functioning coolant system keeps the engine running cool without overheating; otherwise, the risk leads to a full engine failure.

Car Ventilation

Believe it or not, a car’s heater and air conditioning system should function adequately, not just proper cabin temperature. Still, it can impact a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. For example, broken seals in the ventilation system can create an extraordinary lag when taking off from a stopped position, affecting fuel consumption.

Belts and Hoses

All belts and hoses are replaced without question. These items experience excessive load and keep a vehicle’s moving engine parts functioning longer. Even an alternator belt is critical to ensure a car’s battery gets a constant and successful charge with every use.

Electrical Components

The battery and its companion part, the alternator, are checked to ensure a charge is made and held to help keep a vehicle starting and running. 

Gauges and Vehicle Notification and Warning Lights

All gauges are checked to make sure the new owner understands when there is a problem, such as a properly functioning fuel gauge. If it isn’t correctly reporting the amount of fuel in the tank, it’s replaced. If an engine is overheating and the gauge isn’t reading that information, that can lead to severe problems.

If a vehicle’s check engine light is illuminated or the ABS light is on, Car Credit will not sell that car. That standard also includes airbag lights that remain on with a passenger in the seat.

Vehicle Safety Equipment

Internal passenger safety equipment, such as seat belts, door locks, child door locks, and windows, are assessed and examined for proper working function for the driver’s safety and passengers.

Wiper blades get replaced if worn and ineffective at clearing a windshield. Chipped windshields get fixed, or cracked windshields get replaced.

Peace of Mind Every Family Deserves 

For the team at Car Credit, it’s simple; they do not compromise the lives of their customers by cutting corners. If you ask Car Credit’s Service Coordinator, Cortney Wilson, about Car Credit’s multi-point inspection, she’ll tell you upfront, “cars not ready for families to ride in them are not lot ready.”

Safety is the Car Credit’s number one concern, and it’s their first step to a multi-point inspection on every vehicle they sell. That kind of peace of mind is worth the value of safe on the road driving today and tomorrow.

That’s the kind of service you deserve and should expect from any dealership. So call Car Credit today to find out about their current inventory of cars. After all, you and your family are worth it to Car Credit.

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