Financial Difficulties of Vehicle Repossession: Costs Both The Consumer and The Dealership Suffer

Financial Difficulties of Vehicle Repossession- Costs Both The Consumer and The Dealership Sufferfeatured image

Posted on August 22, 2023 by Rick Griffith

When borrowers default on their car loans, one of the consequences they may face is vehicle repossession. It’s a costly process that involves lenders reclaiming the vehicle due to non-payment or breach of contract. However, it is essential to note that repossession comes with its costs and implications.

Today, we’ll delve into the costly process of vehicle repossession. We will explore the financial implications for both borrowers and buy here pay here (BHPH) dealerships and shed light on the steps involved in a typical repossession process.

Additionally, we discuss factors that can impact the repossession costs, such as:

  • Towing Expense
  • Storage Charges
  • Repossession Damage

By understanding these aspects comprehensively, borrowers can make informed decisions regarding car loans and mitigate potential financial risks. Join us as we navigate and unravel the financial intricacies of vehicle repossession.

Financial Impact The Consumer Suffers

Repossession of a vehicle can have long-lasting financial impacts on a consumer’s economic record, especially when facing consumer debt and credit history. One fundamental aspect affecting an individual’s creditworthiness is their credit score. When consumers struggle to meet their financial obligations, such as making timely payments on loans or credit cards, it can negatively impact their scores.

Consumer debt can also lead to repossession fees and legal costs. For instance, if the consumer fails to pay for a financed vehicle, the BHPH Dealership may repossess the car. That financial burden gets passed down to the consumer along with the towing expense, late payment charges, repossession fees, and storage costs, totaling more than one monthly car payment.

In some cases, legal costs also get added to the financial burden experienced by consumers. Of course, that all depends upon which state you live within. Here in Missouri, BHPH dealerships have the right to self-recovery (without going through the state court system) following ten consecutive days without receipt of payment.

Overall, the financial impact on consumers is substantial. It’s crucial for individuals to manage their finances responsibly and talk with the BHPH Dealership if they run into financial hardship.

Consequences The BHPH Dealership Suffers

Repossessed vehicles can have significant consequences for dealerships, particularly regarding inventory management and financial losses. When a car gets repossessed, the borrower has failed to make their loan payments, resulting in the BHPH dealership reclaiming the car.

For BHPH dealerships, that means they now have an additional vehicle in their inventory that they did not plan on being returned. Managing a repossessed car gets challenging as it may not align with the dealership’s target market or desired inventory mix. It requires careful consideration and strategic planning to market and resell these vehicles effectively.

Furthermore, repossessed vehicles often come with financial losses for BHPH dealerships. They may auction off the car to recoup some of their losses, but it is unlikely to fetch the same price as other used vehicles sold directly by the dealership. That results in reduced profit margins for the dealership.

For BHPH dealerships to efficiently manage repossessed vehicles in inventory, they often work closely with auction houses to recoup some of those financial losses. They may also implement strategies such as pricing adjustments or targeted marketing campaigns to attract potential buyers for those vehicles.

Overall, dealing with repossessed vehicles can pose challenges for dealerships regarding inventory management and financial implications. In addition, BHPH dealerships have to manage the upfront costs of having the vehicle repossessed.

Car Credit, Working to Get You Back on Financial Track

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