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Now that you’ve prepped your new car for its first summer road trip let’s kick the Summer off with some fun! But before jumping in, let’s touch on a few simple driving habits you can use to familiarize yourself with your new car while on your first summer road trip. Drive within posted speed limits. […]

At Car Credit, we know car problems are never fun to deal with but in an unfamiliar place far from home can make it even more difficult and stressful. Save yourself time and money from expensive repairs by being prepared. Here are the most common car problems that occur on road trips and what you […]

April marked Car Care month, but you should expect every used car dealership to make that their priority when it comes to car care. They should run a multi-point vehicle inspection on every vehicle they sell. After all, the continued shortages of new cars and microchips for onboard computers place higher standards of care on used […]

As April closes out, there are many reasons to consider vehicle safety and maintenance. For one, April is National Car Care month, established by the Car Care Council. What that means is just because winter weather driving is over, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prep our vehicles for spring and summer driving.Generally, in April, road […]

Winter is here. Snow and cold temperatures are in the forecast. Keeping your car in good service, like checking the tire pressure, matters more than you realize. It helps tires last, it helps with traction on snow and ice, it actually even helps with gas mileage. If the battery is more than three years old, […]

Winter preparation is necessary for helping your car be ready to drive in winter road conditions. Although some of these tips are for year-round use in taking care of your vehicle, they are just more essential during the winter months to help prevent being stranded due to a preventable problem. There are several helpful tips for […]

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