Car Credit is “Way More Than A Transaction” Business; It’s A Relationship Business

Car Credit Is Way More Than A Transaction Business; It's A Relationship Business

Posted on December 7, 2023 by Rick Griffith

The automotive industry has changed dramatically since the first automobile rolled off the production lines in Detroit, Michigan. The industry has experienced as many ups as it has downs, and nothing has changed it more than the internet.

Even in recent years, the landscape of Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealerships has significantly transformed. Traditional methods of financing vehicles have given way to innovative solutions that cater to consumers’ evolving needs and preferences. Some of those changes include:

  • Point-of-sale Transactions
  • Online Payment Options
  • Automated Payment Withdrawals

All these things represent transactional business models, but for one local Joplin, Missouri, company, the focus has always been “way more than a transaction business. One built on relationships,” according to Rick Griffith, owner of Car Credit.

For Rick and his team at Car Credit, it’s always been about the individual. That shift can be attributed to the changing dynamics of consumer behavior and expectations. Today’s car buyers seek convenience, transparency, and flexibility in financing options.

Today’s blog delves into understanding Car Credit’s shift to become a relationship business and explores how online solutions are simple innovative tools that make our lives easier. So, let’s embark on this journey together as we navigate through this transformative approach Car Credit took to become a relationship business.

Transforming Customer Relations Into Relationships

The internet was a game changer for many BHPH dealerships. That opened a world of possibilities to help customers make on-time car payments through point-of-sale options over the phone or online or with automated payments through banking institutes.

But Car Credit wanted to maintain that level of customer care by nurturing a customer relationship. They make it their business to answer every call that comes into the dealership, whether you’re calling to make an on-time car payment by phone, inquiring about the online finance application, or simply having a question about their available inventory.

Car Credit didn’t see the internet as a faster way to access payments. Instead, they saw it as a tool to help get you back on financial track. Again, their team is at the heart of their relationship business and is working hard to safeguard your financial privacy.

They also safeguard every car they sell, rigorously reconditioning every vehicle because you and your family’s lives are important to the Car Credit team. A vehicle must pass stringent quality standards of safety and reliability to be sold to the public. Otherwise, those vehicles are sold wholesale.

Car Credit Works With You to Preserve Your Financial Future

The team at Car Credit knows the financial challenges Americans have faced these past few years. That’s why keeping open, ongoing lines of communication with your team at Car Credit is so easy. You never have to worry about the Car Credit team judging you for financial hardship because it happens to us all.

If Car Credit doesn’t know about your financial setbacks, they can’t help you. It’s critical to your financial future to have an open, honest relationship with the team at Car Credit so you feel safe and comfortable discussing financial hardships before you miss a car payment. It’s the kind of service you can rely on at Car Credit.

To get started now, have a look at their current inventory of cars and SUVs then complete their online credit application!

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