Benefits of Purchasing a Car From a Locally-Owned and Operated Buy Here Pay Here Dealership in Joplin, Missouri

Benefits of Purchasing a Car From a Locally-Owned and Operated Buy Here Pay Here Dealership in Joplin, Missourifeatured image

Posted on June 9, 2023 by Rick Griffith

Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealerships provide an alternative to traditional car financing options. At these dealerships, customers can obtain an in-house financing option offered by the dealership. And Joplin, Missouri, is home to a variety of BHPH car dealerships.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how buying from a locally-owned and operated BHPH dealership in Joplin, Missouri, can give you an unparalleled customer experience by connecting you with staff members who are also local members of your community.

In addition, you get access to better local deals and services because a locally-owned and operated business owner knows everything about a local community’s:

  • Holidays and celebrations
  • Economic challenges
  • Community culture and its people

As an added benefit, shopping at a local, privately-run BHPH dealership helps support the local economy by keeping money circulating through a community so it continues to thrive.

Advantages of Shopping at a Local Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

As a customer shopping at a privately owned and run dealership, you can expect greater customer care and superior service. That kind of one-on-one customer service is remarkable at fostering relationships to establish a personal connection and trust between staff and customers. Treatment that is often overlooked by large corporate-owned BHPH dealerships.

An established locally-owned and operated dealership also boosts the local economy by keeping money local to provide job opportunities to members of the local community who understand Joplin’s economic landscape and its nearby townships.

All to give you, the customer, the very best one-on-one personalized customer care with financing options that get tailored to your unique financial situation, such as:

  • Flexible loan terms
  • Soft credit check, not based on your credit score
  • Simple and secure process

Finally, when you shop for a car at a locally-owned and run dealership in Joplin, MO, you have the added benefit of working with staff members that care about discrete and confidential service as members of the Joplin community.

Find a Reputable Buy Here Pay Here Dealership in Joplin, Missouri

There are plenty of BHPH dealership options, but not all dealerships conduct business the same way. Purchasing from a privately-owned and operated dealership has its own set of advantages which easily surpasses those of bigger, nationally-owned BHPH car dealerships.

Your first step to finding the right BHPH dealership is the internet. To search out a reputable locally-owned and operated dealership, look for these big clues on their “About” page:

  • Their story, history, and connection to the local community
  • When did they open the business?
  • How long they’ve been serving the community?
  • Is there any information on the area they serve?

Another big clue into whether you’re working with a locally-owned and privately-run BHPH dealership or a national chain is to look for “find a location.” Nationally-owned buy here pay here dealerships have locations all over the country.

With these tips, you can quickly identify the perfect privately owned and operated dealership in Joplin, MO, that meets your needs and budget.

Used-Car Buying Solutions

If you are buying used, Rick Griffith, the owner of the locally-owned and operated Car Credit, says, “Make certain a vehicle is safe to drive before finalizing any transactions, whether you’re buying it from a dealership or a private party.” Rick and his team are committed to “extensively reconditioning every used car they sell to ensure it is safe and reliable.”

Griffith and his team believe that every car at the dealership should “drive off safely and reliably, regardless of its price,” which is central to their mission, vision, and values. That’s why at Car Credit, you’re entitled to an exact copy of the reconditioning report—all you need do is ask to see it. Any reputable dealer worthy of your business will show you this information.

As a leading BHPH dealership for the four-state region of southwest Missouri, Car Credit funds loans directly to borrowers using their in-house approval process.

Furthermore, Car Credit extends lending directly to customers with a less-than-perfect credit score. Treating each customer’s unique financial situation individually, the team at Car Credit evaluates your financial history as a whole; rather than measuring your creditworthiness solely on your credit score.

To get started, look through their extensive selection of cars and SUVs, then complete their online credit application! The team at Car Credit works with you to extend the funds you need to put you in one of their extensively reconditioned, safe, and reliable vehicles.

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