Why You Should Be Financing a Car Through a Dealership

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Posted on February 4, 2022 by Rick Griffith

Don’t let your car loan turn into a repo. Money gets tight if you are off work due to being hurt, sick, or from an unexpected layoff. Or maybe you have some mechanical issues with the car. Talk to your financing source and try to work something out. Some people think, just give up, but you still need a car in this area to get to work, kids to sporting events, and just quality of life. Buses, taxis or rental cars, don’t work long term. Of course you could just turn it in and get a new one, but quitting is never the answer. Starting over always costs more. More for a down payment. More to pay sales tax and license fees. More for insurance. Plus you are continuing to damage your credit. On time car payments over three years can go a long way to improving your credit. Continuing repossessions will severely damage your credit. 

Finding the Right Car Dealer

Good car dealers that offer in house financing do not want to repossess your car. Some people think they don’t care, after all they just resell it anyway, but a lost account matters to a good dealer. Not just the expense of reconditioning the car, but all the lost time in filing all the necessary paperwork. Plus it’s a lost opportunity for everyone.

A Relationship-Based Used Car Dealership

At Car Credit, we view each sale as an opportunity for a new relationship. We’re not trying to sound cheesy here, but so much in this world is just another transaction. At Car Credit, we talk amongst our team constantly. What makes us a different kind of company is that we are a relationship-based car dealership. You talk to us. We communicate back, we help you with your struggles and also with certain car repairs. We can only help, when you tell us how. A relationship is like playing tennis. The ball is received and we keep returning it. We both communicate with each other to come to workable terms for all of us. At the end of four years, the goal is for you to have a good paid off car and we have a paid off note. Your credit has improved, your life has improved, and we have made a profit which we can reinvest into someone else. Maybe you need a second car or a family member needs a car. Because of good relationships between us, you feel good about trusting us with other family members and we are able to establish another relationship with another person in our community. We all win. If you are in the market for a used vehicle but are worried about payments, visit us at Car Credit. 

Final Words

I was always taught that a good deal is never one sided. A good deal is what is good for both parties. You get a good car. You pay it off and improve your credit score to help you with other things in life. Your quality of life improves. We get a good customer, establish a relationship that lasts many years and hopefully many sales, and together we both are investing in our community. When you are ready, we have an easy approval process and high quality used vehicles in our inventory, so come check us out!

Remember to always try to work with your financing source to avoid a repossession, because that’s a deal where everyone loses. 

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