Tips on Finding a Reputable Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

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Posted on January 11, 2023 by Rick Griffith

Buying a new to you vehicle is a time-consuming process that can be exciting and stressful all at once. Although it’s hard to figure out where to begin, most of us instinctively turn to new car dealerships that sell new and used cars, but not everyone’s credit history is equal.

That can leave some car buyers floundering about where to go. Thankfully there are ways to navigate buying a car on a credit history that is less than favorable, or even for people without any credit.

One option is to seek a reputable Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealership. These dealerships help car buyers in many ways, offering:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Down payment exclusions
  • Build or improve credit scores

The trick is how to find a reputable dealership, which is where we begin our discussion.

Steps to Finding A Reputable Dealership

When you buy used from a BHPH dealership, you should expect the utmost respect and superior discretion from a dealership. Afterall your decision to shop at a dealership shouldn’t be made on a whim, and to get a fair deal, you need to:

  • Shop and Compare
  • Determine Your Credit Score
  • What You Need
  • Be Realistic About Your Budget
  • Ask About A Dealership Warranty
  • Thoroughly Read the Terms of the BHPH Contract

Shop and Compare

Like everything else you buy, shopping around and comparing prices is essential to find the car that fits your budget. A reputable BHPH dealership shouldn’t push you into a car payment you can’t afford.

Although, that is not to say every dealership does business the same way. So as a consumer and a used car buyer, it’s essential to watch out for dealerships that pressure you into making a deal. If you don’t find the right car you are looking for, don’t hesitate to keep looking.

Determine Your Credit Score

Knowing before you go is an integral part of working with BHPH dealerships. You should know more about your credit history and score than the dealer. Most dealerships will ask if you know your credit score, but it shouldn’t be for any other reason than to determine if your score is low.

One Joplin-owned BHPH Dealership doesn’t care about your score because they care more about you as a customer than the number on your credit report. Although, they will do a soft pull on your credit that will not impact your score.

What You Need to Bring

When you’re ready to move forward with your car buying decision, you’ll need to have the following documentation with you when you arrive.

  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Income (i.e., most recent employer pay stubs)
  • Proof of Residence

Be certain to keep lines of communication open with the dealership you’re hoping to buy from; that way, you will always feel confident and comfortable calling anytime with questions.

Be Realistic About Your Budget

An essential part of being a responsible car owner is understanding what you can afford. Just because a dealership is willing to finance you doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive car.

Ask About A Dealership Warranty

Always ask the dealership about a dealership warranty on any car your considering to buy. Reputable dealerships will always provide you with a warranty. In addition, they should be willing to show you what is included and discuss it with you.

Thoroughly Read the Terms of the BHPH Contract

Finally, you must read the contract terms and conditions before signing anything. If something isn’t clear, be sure to ask. If the dealership is reputable, the salesperson will have no problem explaining it to you.

Car Credit, Working to Get You Back on Financial Track

Reputable buy here, pay here dealerships are an excellent choice for many people. These dealerships specialize in working with people with a poor credit history or no credit. As a result, a used car buyer now has an opportunity to get financing that other lenders see as high-risk.

The Car Credit team understands that no one should feel shamed by financial challenges. But unfortunately, these past few years have hit many Americans’ finances hard, and there’s no team working harder to safeguard your privacy regarding your finances.

That is also true of every car they sell. They have a rigorous reconditioning program for every vehicle because you and your family’s safety is of great importance to the team at Car Credit. If a car doesn’t pass Car Credit’s quality standards of safety and reliability, it is never put up for sale to the public. Instead, those vehicles are sold wholesale.

To get started, look at the current inventory of cars, SUVs, and trucks, then complete their online credit application! That’s the kind of service you should expect from any dealership. After all, you and your family are worth it to the team at Car Credit.

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