Labor Day Weekend, A Great Time to Buy A Used Car From A Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

Labor Day Weekend, A Great Time to Buy A Used Car From A Buy Here Pay Here Dealershipfeatured image

Posted on September 2, 2022 by Rick Griffith

September is here, and Fall is just a few weeks away, making it an excellent time to buy a used car. But you might ask yourself, what makes September an ideal time to buy used? Unfortunately, inventory can be sparse this time of year for used vehicles at new car dealerships. But if you know where to begin, you may find a better deal from a Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealership.

There’s also an industry trend for new car dealerships in September as they prepare to make room on their lots for incoming new car inventories. Although new car dealers are not likely to start dropping the prices on their existing inventory list of new cars until late Fall or early winter. 

Where to Turn for A Used Car?

So, where do car buyers turn when they are ready to buy in September? Like anything else, you shop around and do your due diligence. The internet has made buying a car much easier for car buyers. It’s the perfect place to start and learn about incentive programs at car dealerships.

It’s no surprise that so many consumers use the internet, too, especially since the pandemic, the shift in the housing market, and the rise in inflation. All things taxed many Americans with good credit or with existing credit challenges. No one has gone untouched by financial challenges these past few years. 

That is why the internet is such a powerful tool for consumers. It gives consumers a better way to stay well-informed about car sales, prices, and incentive programs that used car dealerships are offering now, especially when purchasing from BHPH dealerships.

Why Purchase From A BHPH Dealership?

For most car shoppers looking to buy used, it seems only natural to go to a big brand name dealership. But BHPH dealerships are federally regulated business entities. Meaning they’re here to help and answer all your questions. They make the car buying process even more accessible by helping you get started through online applications.

Incentive Offers at BHPH Dealerships

There are many types of incentivizing programs that these dealerships offer. But most of the programs are designed to help you, the buyer. For example, one way is to incentivize through a down payment matching up to a specific dollar amount. 

The team at Car Credit is offering a down payment match of up to $500.00 through the entire month of September. So suppose you had a $500.00 down payment to put on a car. If you purchase a vehicle from the team at Car Credit, they will help you by matching your $500.00 with their $500.00 to bring your final down payment to $1,000.00.

Car Credit, Working to Get You Back on Financial Track

The Car Credit team understands that no one should feel shamed by financial challenges. But unfortunately, these past few years have hit many Americans’ finances hard, and there’s no team working harder to safeguard your privacy regarding your finances.

That is also true of every car they sell. They have a rigorous reconditioning program for every vehicle because your and your family’s safety is of great importance to the team at Car Credit. If a car doesn’t pass Car Credit’s quality standards, it is never put up for sale to the public. Instead, those vehicles are sold wholesale for scrap or parts.

That’s the kind of service you should expect from any dealership. So call Car Credit today to find out about their current inventory of cars. After all, you and your family are worth it to Car Credit.

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