July is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

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Posted on July 11, 2022 by Rick Griffith

July marks National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month. Here are some critical vehicle theft statistics and preventative measures you can take to keep your vehicle from becoming a target.

Vehicle Theft Statistics

Motor vehicle owners rely heavily on their cars to earn a living, run errands, take the kids to school, get to appointments, and much more. So the bottom line is your car is a vital part of your daily routine. 

But what would you do if it were your car that was stolen? Recent statistics show that most Americans with a household income of less than $40,000 are saving for an unexpected expense, which most Americans are not even ready for if it happens. So here are some staggering statistics on motor vehicle theft.

  1. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 800,000 cars were stolen in 2020.
  2. Just over half of the cars stolen are ever recovered.
  3. Law enforcement reports show passenger vehicles account for 74% of stolen cars.
  4. One car is stolen every 39 seconds, which accounts for $7 billion in losses.
  5. Missouri automobile thefts rank 7 in the U. S. with more than 24,000 car thefts.
  6. Rankings across the four states: Oklahoma ranks 17, Arkansas comes in 29, and Kansas at 31.
  7. Car thefts in Joplin, Missouri, increased 27% since last year.
  8. In 2014, the average number of car thefts per 100,000 citizens accounted for roughly 215 stolen cars.

No one should fall victim to a crime, but your first instinct is to call the police afterward to file a vehicle theft report. With statistics like those covered above, It may seem like a no-win situation. But before giving up altogether, there is a great deal you can do as a car owner to prevent this from happening to you.

Preventative Measures

Because most stolen vehicles are motivated by greed and money, it takes a few seconds to protect your car by following a few simple steps.

  1. Park near well-lit areas at night.
  2. Avoid parking down alleyways or quiet streets.
  3. Roll the windows up when you leave your vehicle to shop or park in your driveway; roll the windows up and lock all the doors.
  4. Never leave the keys or keyfob inside the car, and stop using hide-a-key boxes today.
  5. Do not leave your automobile unattended while running; it may be considered an offense in some jurisdictions throughout the four states.
  6. Always set your vehicle deterrent systems by locking your car using your key fob.

Bonus Tips

To avoid any additional property damage to your car, like car break-ins, try these three bonus tips:

  1. Place valuables in your trunk before arriving at your destination. Thieves are known to stalk unsuspecting victims in store parking lots.
  2. Permanently remove your keys and lock your car doors at the gas pump.
  3. Empty and open all compartments inside the car so thieves can see there is nothing of value inside.

Where to Turn After a Car Theft

If you’re a victim of car theft, it can be challenging to figure out where to turn. If you only carried liability insurance coverage on a car, you own the title too. 

Insurance companies only payout on car theft if you carry full coverage. And even then, the insurance company will not likely cover more than what is owed on the car.

That can make you feel like someone has left you a little high and dry, and with only a 50% chance of recovering your car, it’s not likely to run the same, specifically if recovered following an accident. 

So, where can you turn? Car Credit is an excellent solution for folks in the four states. They’re a Buy Here Pay Here dealership. They’ll help you get back on the road in a vehicle with safety deterrent features to lower your chances of becoming a victim of car theft.

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