How to Ensure My Winter Car is Ready for the Road

How to Ensure My Winter Car is Ready for the Roadfeatured image

Posted on January 14, 2022 by Rick Griffith

Winter is here. Snow and cold temperatures are in the forecast. Keeping your car in good service, like checking the tire pressure, matters more than you realize. It helps tires last, it helps with traction on snow and ice, it actually even helps with gas mileage. If the battery is more than three years old, it is time to replace it. Some people would never replace a working battery, but they never quit working at convenient times. It’s always when something is important and when the weather is the worst. Have your front-end parts on your car checked. Tie rods, ball joints, shocks, struts, wheel bearings. All of these parts help your car perform, especially in bad driving conditions, but more importantly, you don’t want any of these items to break and leave you stranded in the cold. Obviously brakes and tire tread wear is crucial. Do not push these things to their limits before replacing them. Remember your car is carrying your most important things in life… you and your family! 

Safety is the Priority

At Car Credit we have standards on all of these items before we offer any car for sale in our inventory, these items are checked and replaced. We spend the same amount reconditioning a lower price car as we do our highest price car. The safe performance of your new purchase is our top priority at Car Credit. 

Winter Car Essentials – Performance Tips

But don’t forget that these items still have a limited life. Our goal at Car Credit is for you to not have to perform maintenance other than oil changes on a car for at least a year, but your individual driving has so much to do with the performance of your car. Do you leave the radio on while in the car not driving and the car doors open? This can run down car batteries. Do you neglect rotating your tires? This neglect helps wear out tires. Driving down extremely rough roads on a regular basis and driving excessively fast on bad roads damages your front end and wears everything out. Your safety and your car’s condition is a personal responsibility. Take it seriously. Fix what goes wrong or wears out and don’t put off necessary maintenance and repairs. It’s always more expensive when you wait to get these important items done. 

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