How to Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Vehicle for Your Needsfeatured image

Posted on January 6, 2022 by Rick Griffith

What do you look for when buying a used vehicle?

Practical Consideration for Choosing a Vehicle

First, decide what you want and need with your budget. There is probably already conflict going on within your mind. Most people say they need a 4 wheel drive large SUV, but honestly, most of us do not. Especially in this climate. We only get heavy snow or ice every 4-5 years in this area. Plus the highway department does a great job in making our roads safe.  Second, unless you’re hauling 6-8 people on a very daily basis a good 4 door sedan will accommodate 5 people plus room for sports equipment or luggage in the trunk. A sedan is very affordable right now because 4 wheel drive and large SUVs command such a high price, sedans are almost cheap! Factor in much better gas mileage, plus maintenance cost on the 4 wheel drive system, and your cost of ownership for a sedan becomes a bargain. When you are financing this purchase all of the extra cost can also add up to a much larger interest cost and it’s honestly not worth it. When you are running all over town to work, school, ball games, and church, a family of 4-5 can do all of this so much cheaper in a sedan than an SUV. If you really are transporting 6-8 people on a consistent basis, consider a minivan. Again overall price, maintenance, and gas mileage factor in to make the minivan much more affordable than SUVs. A decent size 4 door sedan can probably save you enough money in a year to pay for the cost of a nice vacation and your sedan can do a vacation trip just fine as well. 

Get a Reliable Vehicle from Car Credit

At Car Credit, we don’t care what you buy as long as you qualify on income for the higher price trucks and SUVs. But when we recondition a vehicle for sale at our dealership, there is no difference to us in what we fix. We check over all front ends, motors, transmissions, we check everything. We do not fix less on a lower-priced car than a large SUV. Safety and reliability rule and we look at everything equally. But pickups and SUVs cost more, plus cost more to recondition, so we have to charge more. But the point is pickups and SUVs are nice, but so are sedans, but a lot easier to afford, which makes them a very good deal to consider.

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