Will My Credit History Keep Me from Buying a Quality Used Car? Not at Car Credit!

Will my Credit History Keep Me from Getting Approved?

Posted on September 15, 2021 by Elaine Barrett

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Will my credit history keep me from buying a quality used car?” Well, at Car Credit, the answer is NO! Our credit approval process will not penalize you for having a low credit score. Our unique, in-house credit approval process can help you buy a quality used car. Read on to learn how it works.

Our Approval Process is Not Based On Credit Score

At Car Credit, we don’t approve people based on the same standards other credit institutions do. In fact, we don’t look at your credit score. Instead, we use an in-house approval process based on other factors, including a soft credit check, your income, a valid driver’s license, and whether or not you have other active car loans. We use our credit approval standards because we handle all of our financings in-house instead of dealing with external banks and lenders. 

How Much Income Do I Need to Qualify for A Car Loan?

How much income do you need to get Car Credit dealer financing? To qualify for our financing, you will need to demonstrate a monthly income of $1300. Additionally, you must not have any other open car loans. Even if you have previously had a car repossessed, as long as these other criteria are satisfied, we will happily be able to offer you the credit to buy one of our dealer-certified cars. 

Each Car Credit Vehicle Is Inspected and Certified

Every vehicle we offer here at Car Credit is specifically selected for its quality and durability. Once we’ve acquired a car, we put it through a comprehensive multi-point inspection before offering it for sale. Additionally, all of our vehicles come with a 3,000-mile, 3-month warranty. We also stock vehicles to fit every budget as we continually grow our inventory every day. Curious about what we’ve got for sale right now? Check our vehicle listings here.

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